Vodafone Criticises Ofcom’s U.K 4G Testing Decision For Everything Everywhere

The network Vodafone has taken a jab at Ofcom suggesting it’s foolish to allow the Orange and T-Mobile parent company Everything Everywhere early testing for the incoming communication standard 4G, which is said to arrive here in the U.K within the next two years.

This is far too soon suggests Guy Lawrence, CEO of Vodafone took to the pages of the Sunday Times to voice his opinions of the move to bring 1800MHz data communication through 4G / LTE’s super-fast network. Lawrence thinks that regulating authority Ofcom has “taken leave of its senses”.

Sounds like it could be more a case of the sour-grapes to us. Perhaps there’s a little bitterness that it was Everything Everywhere that will be granted early access and support with its 4G testing from this April. This could indeed appear a tad biased and those who have a gripe with the decision get a chance to voice their own opinions this Thursday before the decision for U.K 4G testing is confirmed by Ofcom.

Virgin Media is also getting in on the 4G action at some point in the near future. We await the Vodafone claws to pop out again soon!

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