The GadgetHelpline on the BBC Technology website

The GadgetHelpline’s recent survey results on the difference in the technical support for Men and Women is now being featured on the BBC News Technology website.


As the GadgetHelpline is gearing up for a busy Christmas, these interesting stats highlight the difference in support between the sexes  and means we can offer any support unbiased of gender.

Click the link below to vie the full BBC news article or to see the original GagdgetHelpline article click Here.

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5 Responses to “The GadgetHelpline on the BBC Technology website”

  1. Where can I find info about your study? I’d like to write about this, but would like to see something primary other than the BBC article.

  2. [...] et des femmes est bien différente lorsqu’ils ont besoin d’aide face à la technologie. Gadget Helpline a donc analysé 75 000 appels reçus entre septembre et octobre 2009 pour découvrir que 64% des [...]

  3. Basim Hugh says:

    Cool articles – Love reading your blog, it always makes me happy :).

  4. Jude Horneff says:

    really angry of vista after all these years – I guess I’ll have to turned into another apple fanboi – ffs Not convinced who the main borg is Jobs or Gates?

  5. application for school says:

    i love the topic that you always post The GadgetHelpline on the BBC Technology website is really cool!

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