Sky Gets Friendly with Zeebox and iPhone to Deliver Social, Shopping & Information Augmented Reality Apps

Sky TV has partnered up with Zeebox, the creators of augmented reality and information apps for iPhone and iPad, to bring a new dimension to our telly viewing within the next few months.

Zeebox’s existing apps allow you to hook up an Apple gadget to the internet and through a vast range of recognizable “Zeetags” found in a document online. Additional info and social resources will then appear through the dedicated AR software, which can be downloaded from the App Store. You can view what others are interested in, or find friends who are also talking about whatever it is you’re checking out.

Integrating this to the UK cable company’s SkyGo mobile service will mean more than just a pop-up program guide, but if you’re watching House on Sky One, for example, you could potentially use the Zeebox app on your iPad 2 to scan for Zeetags on the television and bring up the filmography of show star Hugh Laurie. Or perhaps if you recognise a location you could even search for the details or search the web for items you might fancy, bringing up the retailer and prices for clothing or a smartphone as seen on screen. With all this info crammed into the Zeebox software it will save you from getting up from the couch to Google it! Again the social feed will allow you to find and chat with mates who are also well into Modern Family, The Simpsons and more.

Sky TV has addressed customer interest in furthering interactivity and handheld tech being used to compliment the visuals. Company Director of Emerging Products, Emma Lloyd says “Sky took an early position of leadership with companion devices, having recognised the demand from our customers to use second screens to discover, enjoy and interact with their favourite content.”

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