Netflix Streams onto Windows Phone in the U.K – Movie App Gets an Update for Android and iPhone/iPad

Movies on the go through Netflix has arrived for Windows Phone in the U.K as the mobile software gets an upgrade in the United States, us on the other side of the pond will be able to grab the app for the first time.

Available now through the Marketplace, the Netflix app brings subscription based streaming movies and television from Disney, Sony, Paramount, MGM, Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox and more, as well as some original content, to the Microsoft platform which is used on gadgets such as the Nokia Lumia 800 and HTC Titan smartphones.

The service finally arrived on consoles, PCs and smart TVs in the U.K in January delivering an alternative to LoveFilm and costing £5.99 per month for unlimited playback. Apple iPhone, iPad and Android apps have allowed movie fans to view their content portably since Netflix landed here, but the software for Windows Phone had been withheld until now.

Microsoft pushed the Netflix app back due to incompatibilities and we can rest assured that the software will now run smoothly on its new Windows Phone host, bolstering the available apps on the Marketplace to well over 80,000 – as well as running and looking a bit better on other platforms.

Netflix for Windows Phone.

Netflix for Apple iOS.

Netflix for Android.

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