Meet Our Team

What is Gadget Helpline?

A unique technical support helpline covering the top selling gadgets in the UK.

The gadget helpline gives customers instant technical support for devices in the home such as: Mobile phones, TV’s, Digital Set Top Boxes, Sat Nav, DVD Recorders, Modems, Routers, Digital Cameras, iPods, MP3s etc.

The Gadget Helpline offers objective practical advice for accessory and future gadget purchases.

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About the Gadget Helpline Blog Team

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Jonathan (Editor and Staff Writer)

Jon is the Gadget Helpline editor and spent years in technical support for mobile phones and consumer electricals, Jon uses his passion for new gadgets and a bigger passion for finding faults in gadgets to bring helpful tips and information to the blog.

Outside the Gadget Helpline Jon enjoys abusing his body in the form of Rugby, watching very bad films and playing far to many video games than is good for a normal human being.

LOVES: Android, His Sky+ box, The U.S Office, Xbox 360

HATES: Motorola Phones, Twitter, Cows, Lady GaGa



Dave (Senior Staff Writer)

Dave has been with the Gadget helpline for almost 3 years now. Besides blogging he makes sure that our blogs and articles are shared on the Gadget Helpline Twitter and Facebook pages, keeping our fans and followers up to date with the latest gadget news.

Outside of work Dave operates as a successful Justin Bieber lookalike (currently taking bookings) and  enjoys live music, wearing hats, playing the drums and a bit of football.

LOVES: Nando’s, His “Unlocked” iPhone 4, Fifa and being Emo

HATES: Anything made by Archos, Nokia N series phones, Mushrooms

Jay (Staff Writer)

Jay has been with the Gadget Helpline team for one year and in this time he has set his sights on providing the latest news and information the Gadget and Tech world. Jay is a fan of the quirky side of Gadget news, and anything to do with the retro scene, old school video games revivals and throwback tech. He denies being very into the Royal Family, despite having the uncanny ability to pick up any Royal Gadgetry news that drops.

Outside of work Jay likes regular visits to the cinema, reading graphic novels and watching pro-wrestling. Having done a little bit of wrestling training himself, he now prefers doing mic work and MCs events across the country. He also enjoys playing retro console games and wasting too much of his life on Facebook.

LOVES: Star Wars without CGI, Pro-wrestling, KFC, Super Mario Bros, Police Academy.

HATES: Star Wars with CGI, Peas, Predictive text, Touchscreens, That Wills stole Kate..

Stewart (Staff Writer)

Stewart has been with the company for almost 5 years, and currently works extensively With Bluetooth related products. He is a big fan of all the latest technologies and enjoys topping up his knowledge on all the latest gadgets that become available.

In his spare time he enjoys photography, finding and listening to new music as well as spending time with is family.

LOVES: Photography, Music, Photoshop, Dancing

HATES: Symbian OS, Apple, Not being able to dance

Join Our Team!

If you Love the latest gadgets, tech, software and electrical’s and have a flair for writing then you could also be a part of our Gadget Helpline blog team.

Read on to find out what Gadget Helpline is all about and how to contact us if you are interested.

How does it work?

The Gadget Helpline is a fast growing company. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal whilst offering an extremely professional outlook to customers. The Gadget Helpline is building its reputation around the quality of service it offers all of its customers. We are constantly looking for Technical advisors to join our team.

What is covered?

If you are interested in becoming part of The Gadget Helpline team, please send your CV and a covering letter to one of the following:


Gadget Helpline (TMTI)
Corsley Heath
BA12 7PL


We need tech-savvy people to contribute as our editors. If you are a good writer and are gadget obsessed please email us, we would love to hear from you!

Please email us on and we will contact you with further info. A mobile number would also be helpful plus a short piece about yourself.