LG Announces Quick Voice – Apple Siri & Samsung S-Voice Rival Introduced to Optimus Smartphones

After revealing it will not be joining the tablet race this year, leaving the market to the ASUS / Google alliance and Microsoft and its partners to enjoy the spoils, part of Korean tech maker LG’s focus on smartphones will include the introduction of a Siri-a-like voice assistant software called Quick Voice.

The Quick Voice speech app is said to work much the same as its rivals – say a command or ask a question and like a little pocket Jeeves, Quick Voice will track down an answer from the web and speak the answer, hopefully without much delay (iPhone 4S… *cough*). There will also be the usual talk to text for messaging and app launching and you’ll even be able to use “in app” searches such as hitting up YouTube to find that “Call Me Maybe” video all the kids are talking about.

The software is set to go live with LG smartphones such as the Optimus VU and LTE II in the States but with Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s S-Voice already giving it verbal worldwide we imagine a widespread roll out will reach other markets soon enough and we’d imagine the Quick Voice app will surface on some familiar gadgets such as the recently released Optimus 4X HD.

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