HTC Wildfire out today on Vodafone

On Monday we announced the brilliant Interactive User manual for the HTC Wildfire and now if the user guide has tickled your fancy you can actually get your hands on the latest HTC Android device from Vodafone.

Yes, keen eyed Vodafone customers have noticed that the HTC Wildfire has today lost its pre-order tag and is now being listed as in stock, so if you’re looking for a lower spec Android handset then the Wildfire could be for you.

Get yours now from Vodafone

The Wildfire has been known about for a few months as being a Social and Fun Android handset, aimed at a more youth market. Back in April of this year HTC announced an online Facebook poll to name the latest handset which HTC stated was going to be “full of youth” and “something new”, so out of the 5 names that HTC provided (one of which was the amazing HTC Jovi, for fans of Jon Bon!) and the name Wildfire won out.

We already know that several other operators will be ranging the budget android delight as Virgin and T-mobile have both announced that they will be stocking the smartphone also, but its Vodafone today who are the first out of the starting block with the HTC Wildfire.

The 2.1 packing Wildfire will include many of the same features and software’s as the HTC Desire including HTC Sense operating system, a five megapixel camera Wi-Fi and GPS, but where the Desire is marked as a high spec’d phone the Wildfire is designed to be an affordable Android phones.

The affordable part of the handset comes from the 3.2-inch screen but low 320×240 resolution. On a brighter note the Wildfire does include a capacitive touchscreen so things will be a whole lot more responsive than the Tattoo.

So if your wild for the Wildfire then get on over to or if you want to see more features, hints, tips and get a good view of the Android handset then visit the brilliant online manual here.

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2 Responses to “HTC Wildfire out today on Vodafone”

  1. Christopher says:

    I have just received my HTC Wildfire from 3 however I can’t get the battery to power up.

    I received a three point plug with an adaptor (thing) on its back. I received only two leads, one is the headset and plugs into the mobile. The only other ‘hole’ on the mobile allows a plug to be fitted into it and at the other end of that lead there is a plug wich fits into the back of the aforementioned plug with an adaptor on its back. In other words it does looks as if I’m doing everything right and my mobile should be powering up, but it’s not, why would this be?


    Yours sincerely

    Christopher G. Ralte

  2. David Heron says:

    I had same trouble since I got it.Make sure that plug thinghy is at 180 degrees when switched on. find that it takes so long to text and make a call that I feel it will go back to T Mobile. This fone is geared for the younger market

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