Gmail Android update brings Priority Mail Sync and label specific ringtones

Google have just dished out another update for the popular Gmail android app, this time users will be able to take advantage of new features including priority mail syncing and also label specific ringtones.

The priority mail sync is aimed at being a performance improvement as well as being able to save battery life on your Android device, by only synchronising email you’ll want to read and not having to download the junk mail.

Another new feature of version 2.3.5 is the ability to specify different ringtones for each mail label, allowing you to easily identify by the tone who has emailed you.

And finally, a smaller new feature of this latest update is the ability to set the orientation of displayed messages – so when you receive an email it can automatically be displayed in landscape, instead of having to rotate your phone.

If you’ve not used Gmail app for Android, you can head on over the Android Market where the latest version can be downloaded now. If you already use Gmail, you should soon have a notification that the update is available for you to install on your device.

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