Gamestation Trade-In Scheme Brings Sony PS Vita Down to £80

The Sony PS Vita’s arrival from the Far East to the United Kingdom is rapidly approaching, with a February 22nd date set for the next gen gadget’s assault on the gaming market. As for which of our favourite high street stores will stock it, and what their packages will involve, the first shot has today been fired by Gamestation who detail a trade-in scheme which could bag you a shiny new PS Vita for just £80.

Trade in a Sony Playstation 3 320GB model or Microsoft Xbox 360 250GB and you will then be eligible to snap up the new PS Vita for just £79.99 to use with Wi-Fi only, or £129.99 with both Wi-Fi and a 3G data connection. That’s up to £150 of savings on the full RRP which is set to be around £229.99 when the handheld drops in a few short weeks.

The other Gamestation trade-in deals include:

Trade in: Xbox 360 4GB
Pay for PS Vita: £149.99 Wi-Fi or  £199.99 Wi-Fi and 3G

Trade in: Nintendo 3DS
Pay for PS Vita: £99.99 Wi-Fi or £149.99 Wi-Fi and 3G

Trade in: Nintendo DSi
Pay for PS Vita: £169.99 Wi-Fi or £219.99 Wi-Fi and 3G

Trade in: Nintendo Wii
Pay for PS Vita: £189.99 Wi-Fi or £239.99 Wi-Fi and 3G

Trade in: PSP Slim or Lite
Pay for PS Vita: £179.99 Wi-Fi

Trade in: PSP 3000
Pay for PS Vita: £179.99 Wi-Fi

A selection of games will of course be for sale from the get go to get you started and these include: Uncharted: Golden Abyss costing £44.99, Wipeout and Everybody’s Golf come into the £34.99 range, with augmented reality battler, Reality Fighter weighing in at a slender £25.99. Memory cards will also become available at launch these ranging from £17.99 for 4GB, £31.99 for 8GB and £44.99 for a full-fat 16GB of game storage. If you’re planning to take you’re new PS Vita out on your travels, but don’t want to risk breaking it or scratching that delicate touchscreen display, you may wish to also invest in the Travel Kit costing £25.99.

The PS Vita handheld console goes on sale in the UK, Europe and US on February 22nd 2012 costing £229.99 RRP for Wi-Fi only model and an extra £50 for Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity.

Check out our “virtual” pre-unboxing, which details what you will find in your PS Vita bundle when you get it, including a look around the handheld itself as well as sample of the included accessories you will find on day one. You can read this Gadget Helpline feature –Here.

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