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EXCLUSIVE: Sony i1 “Honami” camera interface and Xperia Z size comparison pictures

On Monday we managed to get our hands on some exclusive pictures of the Sony Xperia i1 ‘Honami‘ Android-running smartphone and they were some very revealing shots which showed just what the incoming handset will look like. Well today we have got a few more snaps for you as we take a look at the camera interface to the handset.

As the images show, Sony will be keeping much of the design aspects of the Xperia Z in the new handset with the two devices sharing the large glass screen with straight-edged design. The handsets stack up pretty similar to each other in size but the Honami is slightly longer than its sibling handset.

The shots also reveal some info on the much talked about 20 megapixel camera and the interface it uses. Still we haven’t been able to confirm if the camera is the rumoured 20 megapixel beast but the interface of the i1 does show some big changes.

First up is the picture mode selection screen which has features such as Superior Auto and Manual, which have featured on other Sony models. Timeshift burst is also detailed in an images, which looks like a feature which will be taking on BlackBerry’s TimeShift feature from BlackBerry 10.

Picture effect adds a host of filters and effects to an image and can be seen in an inventive selection screen.

But the most interesting of the features looks to be the AR Effect feature, which by the look of the images seems to superimpose an Augmented Reality situation onto your images – in this case a brilliant looking dinosaur-filled pre-historic landscape is overlaid on the viewfinder.

Other modes detailed but not captured include Social Live, which we’re told allows you to “Broadcast live video to Facebook”, Info-Eye which is apparently a Nokia LiveSight type of feature where you can use you camera and to see more information about your surroundings, and finally Sweep Panorama mode which is fairly self explanatory.

The Honami is still a way off being confirmed and the information we’ve garnered from the images is likely to change before the phone finally launches.