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Apple Working on Wireless Games Controller for iPhone & iPad?

After a concept for an iPhone 3D camera with DSLR lens attachment surfaced yesterday we have another innovative idea to report today in the form of a wireless gaming controller that could possibly be developed to work with Apple’s iPhone and iPad tablet.

A few days after Apple Fools, this concept attempts to pull no wool over anyone’s eyes and is presented in picture form, purely as an idea of what might be in store if insider sources can be believed, and Apple are in fact considering bringing a physical controller onto the market to compliment the touchscreen play of app-based games such as Angry Birds and Temple Run.

Wireless controllers for iPhone and iPad already unofficially exist, with the iCade 8-Bitty amongst them, but this is mainly regarded as a bit of gimmickry for throwback gamers to enjoy a little nostalgia. A legit Apple branded controller would be a good idea for Apple to claim back that small sector of the market, but what benefit would it bring the mobile player? From the concept image this thing looks quite bulky, resembling the size and shape with the button layout of home console controllers, such as the likes of Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

How would it be carried? And would it last in Apple lover’s affections, or quickly become a fad that quickly becomes Game Over? Let us know your thoughts on our comments below or via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Official Facebook group.