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5 Beautiful Apple iPad Air cases

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Today we’re going to look at some of the most beautiful iPad Air cases that have yet been built. These are the cases that will catch attention when you go out, looking good while protecting your investment. Let’s get right to the selections, shall we?

5. Create and Case Leather Flip – Rapt

We begin with a case that provides a unique design distinct from the solid colours so prevalent on the market. Create and Case have always looked to make something different, so it’s good to see that continue. This particular leather flip is colourful and vibrant, with a spiraling design done in a kind of tissue paper style. Beautiful, and quite unique.

4. L.LA Case and Stand – Green / Black

This iPad Air case has two big things going for it: it is slim, and it is available in some very fetching colours. The Green and Black model is shown above, but the White and Red, Black and Gold and Black and White options are also magnificent. Each is strong and slim, protecting the iPad Air while also providing the features we expect from a folio case like this – a built-in stand and automatic sleep/wake functionality as the cover is opened and closed.

3. Acase Arachne Leather Case – Brown

For many people the look and feel of real leather is one that can’t be replaced – nothing is quite as stylish or proper for protecting the bastion of your recorded thoughts. As iPads have replaced notepads, Acase have stepped in to provide the kind of beautiful leather protection that you’d have expected on the classiest notebooks and journals, tailor-made for the Air. I quite like the natural brown colour shown above, but you can also have the Arachne in burgundy and black.

2. Spigen Slimbook Case – Metallic White

Where the Acase is an emblem of the past, the Slimbook is a representation of our future. The case is incredibly slim, with a snowy cover cut with clean lines. The Slimbook uses new materials too, with a polycarbonate internal frame to protect against impacts and synthetic leather on the exterior to produce a vegan-friendly case. Everything else is provided too – a media stand, sleep/wake functionality and cutouts for every port and feature on the surface of the iPad.

1. DODOcase Metallics – Golden Coriander

The DODOcase Metallics is an interesting proposition; a case that combines handmade construction with exotic influences. It’s an interesting evolution of the original DODOcase promise – a top quality book case handmade in a San Franciscan bindery. The new materials – gold luminescent fabrics – and designs – Turkish geometric patterns – make for a stunning end result, and a case that’s truly beautiful.


I hope you’ve found these cases as beautiful as I have! Be sure to let me know your own favourite stylish cases in the comments below, and feel free to ask any questions as well.

This guest post was written by William Judd.