2012 Ford Mustang Gets Pimped With Microsoft Kinect, Windows Phone & Windows 8 Features

Microsoft, Ford and West Coast Customs have come together to collaborate on an awesome one-of-a-kind pimped out ride from the future!

“Project Detroit” is a brand spanking new 2012 Ford Mustang which utilises some of tech and computing giant Microsoft’s finest hardware and software such as Kinect and Xbox 360, Windows Phone, Ford Sync, location software Bing and the new desktop/tablet crossover operating system Windows 8 and more. All these features are controlled by tablet fitted to the dash and a pocket Windows Phone acts as a digital keychain allow you to unlock the car and even honk the horn! The car was fitted with all the necessary tablets and tech and a few stylish extras, such as lighting and a slick paint job, by the Pimp My Ride experts at West Coast Customs.

All of Microsoft’s popular software is thrown in here and the 21st century approach on the classic Mustang looks pretty impressive even before you even take a look inside and the idea of the car is to light up the imaginations of developers to make them look further than just portable gadgets when designing software applications – and to literally make mobile tech mobile!

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